1996 issue 3


Volume 5, issue 3


An attempt at psychodynamic interpretation of therapeutic difficulties in a case of chronic schizophrenia

Sławomir Murawiec1
1. Krajowego Zespołu Konsultanta Medycznego w dziedzinie Psychiatrii
Postęp w Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1996, 5, 285-291
Keywords: schizophrenia, therapy, psychodynamics


Clinical outcome of psychopharmacological treatment depends not only on pharmacological action of the drug, but also on its subjective interpretation by the patient. Due to this interpretation the administered medication is included in the patient's whole familial, personal, and social situation, as well as in his/her relations with the doctor and hospital staff. Atypical responses to medication occurring sometimes are connected with the effect of the drug on the patient's psychological and behavioral defence mechanisms. A clinical case serves as an illustration of an attempt at a joint psychopharmacological and psychodynamic interpretation of an unexpected response to medication.

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Lek. Sławomir Murawiec, 1/1 Klinika Psychiatryczna lPiN. Al. Sobieskiego 1/9, 02-957 Warszawa.