1993 issue 4


Volume 2, issue 4


Language disorders in paranoid schizophrenia

Andrzej Czernikiewicz1
1. Katedry i Kliniki Psychiatrii AM w Lublinie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1993, 2, 431-439
Keywords: paranoid schizophrenia, language disorders, formal thought disorders, TLC scale


In order to verify the hypothesis that persons suffering from paranoid schizophrenia often manifest language disorders, 60 schizophrenic patients (30 with sub-chronic and 30 with chronic schizophrenia) were examined. Linguistic analysis of their utterances was conducted using the TLC scale by Andreasen. A high level of linguistic pathology was found in patients in an acute psychotic state, while at the beginning of remission their language disorders were moderate. In the group of chronic patients the frequency of "positive" language disorders and "free associations", was higher, but no relationship was found between the "negative" linguistic pathology level and paranoid schizophrenia chronicity.

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