1993 issue 4


Volume 2, issue 4

Streszczenie rozprawy doktorskiej

Psychometric verification of the so-called

1. Katedry i Kliniki Psychiatrii AM w Bydgoszczy
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1993, 2, 489-498
Keywords: schizophrenia, negative symptoms, schizophrenic defect state, EEG, dexamethasone inhibition test


In order to determine the so-called "schizophrenic defect" in terms of the concept distinguishing positive and negative schizophrenic symptom s, 53 patients diagnosed by the DSM-III -R criteria were examined using clinical scales (BPRS, the Hamilton Depression Scale, scales of negative [SANS] and positive [SAPS] symptoms by Andreasen, as well as data from the clinical examination, EEG records, and the dexamethasone inhibition test results. Research findings allow to associate, the "defect" with the negative dimension of the disease, and suggest some relationship between negative symptoms and some of the clinical variables under study. (Eds.)

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