1993 issue 4


Volume 2, issue 4


Training the chronically mentally ill to identify prodromal symptoms

1. Oregon State Hospital
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1993, 2, 389-399
Keywords: schizophrenia, coping, behavioral training


Principles of a symptom management training program developed in the Oregon State Hospital (USA) are presented. The author points to four basic factors affecting the course of illness (prodromal symptoms, chronic symptoms, medication side-effects, normal variations in mood), and presents the topics covered by the program (prodromal symptoms identification, medication management skills, coping with chronic symptoms, education on the necessity of abstaining from alcohol and drugs). Particular stages of the training are briefly described, and a detailed description is given of the training in prodromal symptoms identification. Finally, the author comments on the training effectiveness. (Eds.)

Address for correspondence:
Dr Andrzej Axer,
Oregon State Hospital, Education & Development Department, 2600 Center
Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301, USA.