1994 issue 4


Volume 3, issue 4

Zagadnienia psychiatrii dzieci i młodzieży koncepcje

Current views on the treatment of anorexia nervosa

1. Kliniki Psychiatrii Wieku Rozwojowego AM w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1994, 3, 383-390
Keywords: anorexia nervosa, treatment


The first part of the paper deals with: (a) symptoms of anorexia nervosa, (b) symptoms of cachexia resulting from self-starvation, (c) metabolic disorders and pathophysiological complications in patients suffering from anorexia nervosa. Next, the state-of-the-art views on treatment of anorexia nervosa are presented, with the emphasis on the need for a comprehensive therapeutic program aimed at a better nutrition of the patients, amelioration of their metabolic and pathophysiological disorders, as well as at their increased sense of autonomy, accelerated formation of self-identity, and improved self-esteem. The role of individual and group psychotherapy and of family therapy is stressed. Pharmaceuticals administered in the treatment of anorexia nervosa are discussed. The necessity for the treatment continuation after the patient's discharge from the hospital is pointed out.