1995 issue 1


Volume 4, issue 1

Choroby naczyniowe

The role of ultrasonography in the diagnostics of vascular diseases

1. Kliniki Chorób Naczyniowych Układu Nerwowego IPiN w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1995, 4, 7-17
Keywords: USG, Doppler effect, cerebral vessels examination


Ultrasonographic diagnostics of vascular diseases is based on two phenomena: echo and Doppler effect. They allow to obtain the imaging of blood vessel walls and blood flow, to measure its rate and determine its direction. On the grounds of both these phenomena an absolutely safe technique was developed of intra- and extracranial arteries patency evaluation, permitting – in case of their considerable pathology – to detect the presence of collateral circulation and to trace its pathways. Since the technique is non-invasive and repeatable, the range of its applicability increases, including the monitoring of flow changes in various stages of disease, during surgery, or in the assessment of treatment effects.