1995 issue 4


Volume 4, issue 4

Diagnostyka obrazowa i neuropsychologiczna

An attempt at multi-dimensional assessment of organic mental syndromes

LUCYNA BURY1, Marek Jarema1, JAROSŁAW BIAŁEK1, MARZANNA CHOMA1, Alfreda Ruzikowska1
1. Krajowego Zespołu Konsultanta Medycznego w dziedzinie Psychiatrii
Postępy w Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1995, 4, 419-427
Keywords: organic mental disorders, diagnostics


The aim of the study was to compare the evaluation of organic mental disorders presence and severity by means of clinical examination, psychological assessment, EEG and CT scan of the brain. Clinical examination of 31 patients with the organic mental syndrome symptoms was performed using an organic brain damage symptoms scale (OBDSS) and the Mini Mental State scale (MMS). In the psychological assessment "organicity" tests by Benton, Bender and Graham-Kendall were used. Moreover, EEG and CT of the brain at rest were performed. Significant correlations were obtained between the clinical examination with the OBDSS and MMS scales and the psychological assessment of organic mental symptoms severity. No statistically significant correlations were found between organic mental symptoms severity as assessed in the clinical or psychological examination and the EEG and CT findings. The only exception was a patient with abnormal EEG recordings in the occipital lobe who had significantly lower scores on the MMS. In contradistinction to the descriptive evaluation of CT scan abnormalities, there was a significant correlation between cranial-cerebral indices and graded clinical assessment of organic mental symptoms severity.

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