1996 suplement 1


Volume 5, suplement 1

Original article

The limbic system and emotions

1. Zakładu Anatomii i Neurobiologii AM w Gdańsku
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1996, 5, suplement, 1 (3), 1-13
Keywords: limbic system, emotions, memory, hippocampus, amygdaloid body


The rapid development of neuroanatomical and neurophysiological studies has increased our understanding of the role of particular elements of the limbic system for the central nervous system functioning, including emotions. It is the more important that growing everyday life pressures lead more and more of ten to dysfunctions of the c.n.s., manifesting themselves in various emotional disorders. The paper presents an overview of current concepts on the structure and junction of the two main constituents of the limbic system: the hippocampus and the amygdaloid body.

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