1997 issue 3


Volume 6, issue 3

Skale kliniczne

The Birchwood Social Functioning Scale (SFS) as a tool for the assessment of schizophrenic patients' functioning

Maria Załuska1
1. IV Kliniki Psychiatrycznej IPiN w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1997, 6, 237-251
Keywords: Birchwood's social functioning scale, usefulness in schizophrenia


The Social Functioning Scale (SFS) developed by Birchwood is presented in the paper, as well as results of a study using a Polish version of the SFS in a group of 53 schizophrenic patients with a 15-year history. The scale was found to be useful for diagnosing deficits of the patients' functioning and for planning of the rehabilitation procedure. However, its usefulness in epidemiological studies seems to be limited.

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