1997 issue 4


Volume 6, issue 4


Studies on psychotherapy effectiveness in the treatment of patients with neurotic or personality disorders in Poland in the years 1960-1995

1. II Kliniki Psychiatrycznej AM w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1997, 6, 443-450
Keywords: psychotherapy effectiveness, meta-analysis


The paper presents a meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcome studies published in Poland in the years 1960-1995. In 12 professional journals, one book and 6 unpublished doctoral theses 75 relevant studies were found. The analysis included: dynamics of such research projects, their methodological features (number of subjects, presence of a control group, improvement criteria), as well as the type of facility and of psychotherapy used. The number of outcome studies was found to be growing, and they were most often conducted in in-patient settings. A strong point of the research reports analyzed consists in adequately numerous samples studied. However, there have been strikingly few controlled studies.

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