1997 suplement 2


Volume 6, suplement 2


Genesis, assumptions, and models of psychoeducational programs

1. Katedry i Kliniki Psychiatrii AM we Wrocławiu
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1997, 6, suplement 2 (5), 61-70
Keywords: psychoeducation, theoretical models, genesis, examples of programs


Particular theoretical approaches to causes and treatment of mental disorders, as well as their effect on the shape of psychoeducational programs are outlined. Implications of the biomedical, psychosocial, and biopsychosocial paradigms for the choice of both the type of educational program and of therapeutic intervention are briefly discussed. Various models and examples of psychoeducational programs based on particular theoretical approaches are presented. The necessity is emphasized of matching psychoeducational strategies and techniques not only to staffing and technical resources available, but also to the needs of therapy participants. The author points out the importance of psychoeducation in the prevention of mental disorders and, in a broad sense, in social rehabilitation of people with mental disorders.

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