1998 issue 1


Volume 7, issue 1

Ból i jego znaczenie

Postzoster neuralgia and its treatment

1. Poradni Przeciwbólowej Kliniki Anestezjologii i Intensywnej Terapii CMKP w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, 53-59
Keywords: postzoster neuralgia, treatment


Postzoster neuralgia is pain in the area affected previously by zoster which persists after 3-4 weeks from the beginning of the disease. The present views on the pathogenesis of this very troublesome pain are discussed in this paper. In the early stage of this neuralgia pain originates in a peripheral nerve. Blockades are the best method of treatment in that stage. Later on, the central component prevails in the development of pain, and this requires pharmacological treatment with psychotropic and neurotropic agents. An important condition in the prevention of chronic postzoster neuralgia is early beginning of blockades. The effectiveness of this treatment is documented with the results obtained in the patients of the Pain Treatment Clinic. (Ed.)

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