1998 issue 4


Volume 7, issue 4

Samobójstwa u młodzieży

Psychiatric diagnoses in adolescents after single and multiple attempted suicides

Agnieszka Gmitrowicz1, Jolanta Rabe-Jabłońska1, DOROTA WARZOCHA1
1. II Kliniki Psychiatrycznej Katedry Psychiatrii Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, 419-428
Keywords: attempted suicide, adolescents, diagnosis, clinical characteristics


Two groups of adolescents were assessed and compared in terms of diagnoses structure, family and school situation, as well as motives accompanying the attempted suicide (AS). The first group consisted of adolescents in psychiatric treatment for multiple attempted suicides (MAS group, n=24), and the other – of those referred for a psychiatric consultation due to their first (serious) attempted suicide (FAS group, n=20). While in the MAS group the diagnosis of schizophrenia predominated, in the FAS group depressive disorder s prevailed. Family conflicts were the most frequent motive associated with AS in both groups. Besides, in the MAS group also other significant motives were reported, such as e.g. feelings of hopelessness, non-acceptance of the illness, and commanding voices. Parental alcohol dependence was twice as frequent in the FAS group, while serious difficulties at school predominated in the MAS group.

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