1998 suplement 1


Volume 7, suplement 1


Impairment of consciousness in digestive system diseases among geriatric patients

1. Kliniki Gastroenterologii Instytutu Chorób Wewnętrznych AM w Poznaniu
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, suplement 1(6), 103-106
Keywords: digestive tract diseases, impairment of consciousness


A retrospective analysis was performed on case records of 34 elderly patients (aged over 65 years) with mental disorders, selected out of the total of 1749 inpatients treated in the years 1995-1996 in the Gastroenterology Department, Institute of Internal Diseases, Medical Academy in Poznań. The diagnosed digestive system diseases as well as the presence of impairment of consciousness and/or mental disorder s were taken into account. Impairment of consciousness was usually caused by severe cirrhosis of the liver or by cancer of this organ, and somewhat less often – by acute bleeding from the digestive system, with a subsequent anemia. Among causes of mood, drive, sleep, memory and personality disorders the predominating ones were chronic pain and neoplastic diseases. Mental disorders were more frequent in females than in males (12: l). The presence of mental disorder s in medically ill older people is an unfavorable prognostic sign. Out of the 34 cases under study 12 patients died during their hospitalization at the Gastroenterology Department.

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