1998 suplement 2


Volume 7, suplement 2


Before the battle, the battle, scenery after the battle, time of peace: an analysis of schizophrenic patient’s illness and therapy during 15 years

1. Ośrodka Leczenia Środowiskowego I Kliniki Psychiatrycznej Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, suplement 2(7), 23-28
Keywords: schizophrenia, therapy, family system, 15-year follow-up, case study


The course of treatment of a schizophrenic patient during 15 years is presented. The patient's important life events are outlined, as well as mutual relations between members of his family system, type of his symptoms, and therapeutic interventions administered. An attempt was made to distinguish successive stages of the therapy process against the background of the dynamics of the family situation development.

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Mgr Katarzyna Muskat, Ośrodek Leczenia Środowiskowego,
I Klinika Psychiatryczna IPiN,
Al. Sobieskiego 1/9,
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