1998 suplement 2


Volume 7, suplement 2


Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in a patient with diagnosed anankastic personality and obsessive-compulsive syndrome of specific picture: a case study

1. II Oddziału Psychiatrycznego Szpitala Miejskiego nr 5 w Katowicach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, suplement 2(7), 43-49
Keywords: obsessive-compulsive syndrome, diagnostics, case study


A case is described of a 20-year-old male with a severe obsessive-compulsive syndrome. Due to considerable diagnostic problems his treatment was started late. Extremely marked bradykinesia and a complete ritualization of obsessive behaviors sequences of many days' duration were particularly salient in this patient. In his magic activities he was accompanied by his parents, especially mother. Multifaceted therapeutic interventions were undertaken by the author, following his consideration of etiopathogenetic hypotheses.

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Dr Maciej Żerdziński,
II Oddział Psychiatryczny Szpitala Miejskiego nr 5,
ul. Korczaka 27,
40-338 Katowice