1998 suplement 3


Volume 7, suplement 3

Original article

Social responsibility and legal proceedings in the case of insane criminal offenders in Germany: Selected comments

1. Westfalskiego Centrum Psychiatrii Sądowej w Lippstadt (Niemcy)
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, suplement 3 (8), 61-66
Keywords: Germany, diminished accountability, treatment and rehabilitation of the involuntarily committed


The author acquaints the reader with the basic issues of German social-forensic psychiatry. He presents both the historical background and current legal regulations concerning unaccountability and greatly diminished accountability. He also presents the principles underlying opinioning and execution of security measures. Part of the article is devoted to presentation of intervention programmes for insane legal offenders. The conditions of treatment and rehabilitation are discussed.

Address for correspondence:
Bernd Dimmek, Wesifalisches Zentrum fur Forensische Psychiatrie,
Lippstadt, Niemcy