1999 issue 3


Volume 8, issue 3

Orzecznictwo sądowo-psychiatryczne

Forensic psychiatric opinions after hospital observation of individuals with psychotic disorders: (2) Assessment of accountability and grave threat to legal order

ELŻBIETA BOGDANOWICZ1, Danuta Hajdukiewicz1
1. Kliniki Psychiatrii Sądowej IPiN w Pruszkowie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1999, 8, 291-298
Keywords: psychoses, forensic psychiatric opinions, accountability, preventive detention


Out of256 offenders with psychoticdisorders, 236 (92%) were assessed as unaccountableby court experts who in 72 cases (32%) motioned for their preventive detention according to article 99of the penal code. Despite the diagnosed psychosis in17 (7%) cases greatly diminished accountability wasrecognized, while 3 (1%) cases were assessed as fully accountable. Such opinions were issued eitheron patients with negative symptoms of schizophreniaor with hypomania in the course of bipolar affectivedisorder, or pertained to cases in which the emphasiswas laid on the psychiatric diagnosis justificationonly, and not on accountability evaluation –which inour belief is not a correct procedure. Assessments of accountability and grave threat to legalorder inpsychotic perpetrators of punishable acts in expertopinions issued in the years 1995-1996 remainedsimilar to these from the 1960s.

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