1999 issue 4


Volume 8, issue 4


Assessment of selected parameters of the alexithymic personality

1. Wojewódzkiego Szpitala dla Nerwowo i Psychicznie Chorych w Świeciu
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1999, 8, 477-480
Keywords: alexithymia, coping, self-control, locus of control


Two groups of students with eithera low or high level ofmanifested alexithymia traitswere compared for two parameters of psychologicalfunctioning.The Toronto Alexithymia Scale byTaylor was administered to the total of 178 students. 15.6% of the subjects were assessed asalexithymic. As compared to persons withoutalexithymic traits, they revealed poorer coping indifficult situations (as measured using the Rosenbaumself-control scale) and an external locus ofcontrol (as assessed by Drwal's DELTA questionnaire).According to the author this may suggestthat alexithymic personality traits may impairmechanisms of coping with unfavorable situationsand decrease the individual's self-confidence. Thefinding highlights the role of proper emotional developmentin the formation of optimal behavioralpatterns. (Ed.)

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