2000 suplement 2


Volume 9, suplement 2

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Diagnosis of personality disorders in the expert opinions of Lithuanian forensic psychologists in homicide cases

1. Litewskiej Państwowej Służby Psychiatrii i NarkologiiSądowejprzy Ministerstwie Ochrony Zdrowia w Wilnie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, 9, suplement 2(10), 279-281
Keywords: person alit y disorders, forensic psychological examination


The problems confronting forensicpsychiatrists and the latter's role are discussed onthe basis of data gathered by the Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Utena in 1994-1998. ICD-10was used to assess typical personality features anddiagnostic categories. The contribution of the psychologistto the complex forensic psychiatric examinationis emphasised and the need to introduce thelimited accountability clause is stressed.

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Dr Audrone Glinskiene, National Ser vice oj Forensic Psychiatry and Narcology in Lithuania, Kijelaviciaus 121, 2048 Vilnius