2000 suplement 2


Volume 9, suplement 2

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Difficulties confronted in the differential diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder, delusional reaction and paranoia in forensic psychiatric expertise

1. Wojskowej Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi
2. Kliniki Psychiatrii Sądowej IPiN w Pruszkowie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, 9, suplement 2(10), 213-217
Keywords: paranoid personality disorder / delusional reaction / paranoia / forensic psychiatric expertise


The differential diagnosis of paranoidmental dysfunction has considerable practicalsignificance for the final conclusions of the forensicpsychiatric expert opinion. The authors analysis theetiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestationsof the three most frequent paranoid disorders (paranoidpersonality disorder, delusional reaction andparanoia) and, on this basis, they explain the basicprinciples underlying their differential diagnosis andits consequences for forensic psychiatric expertise.

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