2000 suplement 2


Volume 9, suplement 2

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Typical aggressive profile in female juvenile delinquents

1. Klinika Psychiatryczna Akademii Medycznej w Ufie (Rosja)
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, 9, suplement 2(10), 283-287
Keywords: agression, girls


The results of a complex studyof aggressive behaviour in female juvenile delinquentsare presented. One hundred and eightyeight girls manifesting behaviour disorders (antisocialand delinquent) were studied. Significantmicrosocial, psychological psychopathological aggressivefactors and gender-determined factorsare signalled and the latter's connection with pathologicalaggression are discussed. The considerablesignificance of aggressive fantasies in female aggressionis noted.

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R.M.Masagutow, Klinika Psychiatrii Akademii Medycznej, Ufa, ul. Wladywostocka 4, Rosja,
Republika Baszkirii.