2000 suplement 3


Volume 9, suplement 3


Sudden recovery from chronic depressive-anxiety disorders following an iatrogenic convulsive episode

Krzysztof Kotrys1
1. Szpitala Centrum Psychiatrii Samodzielnego PublicznegoZakładu Opieki Zdrowotnej w Katowicach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, suplement 3 (11), 133-137
Keywords: depressive-anxiety disorder, iatrogenic post-medication episode, Clomipramine, case report


The paper presents a female patientaged 28, suffering from chronic disorders of a mixed pattern including anxiety, obsessive-compulsiveand recurrent depressive symptoms, witha long-term, persistent course. The author describesan unusually rapid and relatively stable improvementof the clinical picture following an iatrogenicconvulsive fit evoked by Clomipramine administration.Attention is drawn to multidirectionalbehaviour changes inducing unexpected changes inthe patient's environment.

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