2000 suplement 4


Volume 9, suplement 4

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Errors in forensic-psychiatric and forensic-psychological diagnoses from the perspective of social perception

1. Instytutu Psychologii DAM w Poznaniu
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, suplement 4 (12), 85-91
Keywords: social perception, effects (patterns) of social perception, diagnostic errors


This article may be summarised in two sentences. Sentence one: Just like every otherparty to the lawsuit, the forensic psychologist orpsychiatrist is prone to misperception and misevaluationof other people and himself for the samereasons as any ordinary man and woman in thestreet. Sentence two: the dynamics of these errorsin evaluation and diagnosis are the same in theman in the street, the professional psychologist andpsychiatrist and the lawyer and they result fromthe same general patterns of interpersonal perceptionand communication. These two sentences areelaborated and justified in six statements.

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