2000 suplement 4


Volume 9, suplement 4

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Evaluation criteria for expert psychiatric and psychological opinions in penal proceedings

1. Sądu Najwyższego w Warszawie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2000, suplement 4 (12), 9-16
Keywords: forensic psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatric and psychological expertise, expert evidence in penal proceedings


This article lists the procedural instruments,in penal proceedings, which the 1997 Penal Code puts at the disposal of the procedural organs(court, prosecutor or other organ responsible forpreparatory proceedings) so that fully valid evidencemay be obtained for the need of those proceedingsand so that the evidence may be used competently andso that the decisions reached be reached not by theexpert but exclusively by the procedural organ albeitwith the help of special information, at the disposal ofthe expert alone, obtainedfor the purpose ofreachinga decision in that part of the proceedings.

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