2001 issue 3


Volume 10, issue 3

Review article

HIV dementia

Tadeusz Pietras1, Andrzej Witusik1, PAWEŁ GÓRSKI1
1. Kliniki Pneumonologii i Alergologii Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2001, 10, 245-256
Keywords: HIV dementia, pathogenesis of dementia, antiretroviral therapy


Dementia associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV dementia) has been reported in HIV-infected patients. HIV-retrovirus plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the syndrome. A number of indirect factors generated by infected macrophages may contribute to the pathogenesis of HIV dementia. Inflammatory cytokines and mediators damage neuronal cells, with a subsequent loss of cognitive functions. Also Gp120, an HIV surface antigen, and Vpr protein can cause neuronal death via apoptosis. Activation of NMDA receptor s is the final common pathway both in HIV dementia and in other neurodegenerative processes. Antiretroviral therapy protects against neuropsychological deficits and clinical manifestation of dementia.

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