2001 issue 4


Volume 10, issue 4

Original article

Psychiatric court opinions following hospital observation of perpetrators acting in the stale of alcoholic intoxication

ELŻBIETA BOGDANOWICZ1, Danuta Hajdukiewicz1
1. Kliniki Psychiatrii Sądowej Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Pruszkowie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2001, 10, 359-373
Keywords: alcoholic intoxication, psychiatric court opinions


199 psychiatric expert opinions issued after a period of inpatient observation in the years 1995-1996 and sent over to the Forensic Psychiatry Department of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology were analyzed in the study. Among 180 opinions concerning perpetrators acting under common alcoholic intoxication the most frequent offences were those against life and health (including homicide), followed by offences against property, the family, freedom, and public safety. Among 19 opinions concerning perpetrators in state of alcoholic intoxication other than the common one the highest percentage of offences were also those against life and health (including homicide), then against property, and sexual offences. A comparison of these findings with results reported by Uszkiewiczowa (1960) indicates that the rate of offences against life and health (including homicide) remained similar, while the proportion of offences against property, and above all – against the family, has increased. Since the time of the latter study the number of expert opinions questioning the perpetrators' accountability and motioning for the use of security measures has decreased significantly. A number of shortcomings and faults have been found in expert opinions concerning this group of offenders, especially as regards the description of symptoms of intoxication other than the common one, the use of dossier data, analyses and evaluations of alcohol abuse symptoms, and the model of drinking.

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