2002 issue 1


Volume 11, issue 1

Original papers

Coping with stress in caregivers to patients with Alzheimer' s disease

Grażyna Adamiak1, ZYGFRYD JUCZYŃSKI2
1. Zakład Psychologii Lekarskiej Katedry Psychiatrii Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi
2. Zakład Psychologii Zdrowia Instytutu Psychologii Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2002, l l, 71-80
Keywords: Alzheimer's disease, caregivers l, social support, strategies of coping with stress


Caregivers to patients suffering from Alzheimer 's disease are exposed to chronic stress of intensity higher than that in the generał population.
Research findings show that emotion-oriented coping strategies are preferred to task-oriented coping. The crucial resource in coping with illness of a close relative is a strong social support, first and Jaremost from family me m bers, but also from medical staff and self-help discussion groups. Anther important factor is the provisżon of caregivers firstly, with education about the nature of Alzheimer 's disease, and secondly, with therapy helping them to cope with emotions evoked by the crisis.

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