2002 suplement 1


Volume 11, suplement 1

Problemy terapeutyczne

Anancastic power or mediocrity in health: dilemmas of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorders in the process of treatment. Case report

1. II Oddziału Psychiatrycznego Szpitala – Centrum Psychiatrii w Katowicach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2002, 11, suplement 1 (14), 103-109
Keywords: obsessive-compulsive disorders, rituals, anancastic personality traits, case report


On the example of two patients with rich systems of compulsions therapeutic difficulties are discussed. The difficulties are related to the patients' different subjective concept of health and disease, as well as to the level of therapeutic intervention acceptable to them, and to these interventions efficacy. (Ed.)

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Dr Maciej Żerdziński,
II Oddział Psychiatryczny
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