2003 issue 1


Volume 12, issue 1


The “pathway to psychiatric care” model by Goldberg & Huxley and prevalence of mental disorders

TOMASZ PAWŁOWSKI1, Andrzej Kiejna1
1. Katedra i Klinika Psychiatrii Akademii Medycznej we Wrocławiu
Postępy Psychiatrii Neurologii, 2003, 12, 61-66
Keywords: prevalence of mental disorders, mental health care


Review – The paper presents the Goldberg and Huxley model of "pathways to psychiatric care", which confirms that only a small proportion of hose with psychiatric disorders in the general population ever receive specialist psychiatric care. This model is based on five levels, each representing a different population. In order to get from one level to the next it is necessary to pass through a filter.

Conclusions – Epidemiological surveys conducted at all the levels simultaneously can determine local needs for mental health care.

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