2003 issue 4


Volume 12, issue 4


18th-century knowledge about mental disorders in the book Compendium medicum auctum

Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2003, 12 (4), 505-510
Keywords: history of psychiatry / psychiatry in 18th century


Many impressions of the book "Compendium medicum auctum" appeared between the years 1703 and 1789. It was a summary of medical knowledge coming from the 18th century – but not anachronic and having many readers in the next century. It was addressed to educated laymen interested in medicine, but could serve also as a guide to a physician, as it presented the management of various diseases supplemented by numerous prescriptions. The article deals with the "psychiatric" part of the book, including the classification of mental disorders, prognoses and treatment methods of that time.

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