2004 suplement 2


Volume 13, suplement 2

Interdisciplinary problems of spasticity

Clinimetrics in spasticity

Józef Opara1
1. Górnośląskiego Centrum Rehabilitacji „Repty” w Tamowskich Górach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2004, suplement 2 (18), 13-16
Keywords: spasticity, measurement


Aim. In this report methods most commonly used in the of assessment patients suffering from severe spasticity are presented.

Review. "Measurement" of spasticity is necessary for the evaluation of new treatment methods. This could be made directly or indirectly – in the latter case the sequels of spasticity are measured. In this article both subjective and objective methods of examination of spasticity are described. The tone intensity scales, spasm frequency scores, global scales of motor impairment, ADL scales, upper extremity dexterity and strength testing, examination techniques and maneuvres differentiating rectus femoris from iliopsoas and gastrocnemius from soleus tightness, clinical gait scores, EMG and the goniometric pendulum test are reviewed.

Address for correspondence:
Prof. Józef Opara,
Górnośląskie Centrum Rehabilitacji „Repty",
ul. Śniadeckiego 1,
42-604 Tarnowskie Góry,
e-mail: jozefopara@wp.pl