2004 suplement 2


Volume 13, suplement 2

Interdisciplinary problems of spasticity

Pendulum testing in spasticity

1. Katedry i Zakładu Biofizyki Lekarskiej Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2004, suplement 2 (18), 17-21
Keywords: spasticity, goniometric assessment


Aim. A review of the goniometric assessment in modern rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders is presented by the authors.

Review. The construction and principle of operation of the digital goniometer applied to pendulum testing of the lower extremities with pathologically changed muscle lone, are described. An electro-optical transducer transmits a digitised time-dependent function of an angle between the patient's thigh and leg axes via an interface to a special computer programme. The function is registered, some coefficients describing the extremity motion in the joint are determined and the patient is assigned to an appropriate rehabilitation group by the designed programme. Normal values of the pendulum test coefficients in asymptomatic subjects are presented

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