2005 issue 2


Volume 14, issue 2


Occupational burnout, or about

1. Instytutu Myśli Józefa Tischnera w Krakowie i Redakcji miesięcznika „Więź
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2005; 14 (2): 79-82
Keywords: occupational burnout, anthropology


Background. Occupational burnout is discussed in the paper as an existential problem, on the grounds of works of two eminent humanists - a philosopher and a psychiatrist.

Review. Józef Tischner, a priest and professor of philosophy, in his philosophical analyses dealt with the individual, his fears and pain, with human hope, freedom and dignity - in the subject's encounter with another human being. Professor Antoni Kępiński, his bosom friend, was a "master in describing human experience ". A special attention was drawn to the problem of "being lost in the relationship with self and the world", and to "losing hope and withdrawing into fear".

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