2006 issue 3


Volume 15, issue 3

Review article

Issues dealt with in psychological publications in the times difficult not only to Polish psychology

Teresa Rzepa1
1. Zakładu Psychologii Instytutu Socjologi i Psychologii Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2006; 15 (3): 193-201
Keywords: the period of Stalinism, psychologists' attitudes, fanaticism


Objective. The author presents and analyses characteristic events and attitudes of representatives of Polish psychology in the period of Stalinism.

Review. The article presents: (1) two key events in the post-war history of Polish psychology (the conventions held in Krynica and Wrocław); (2) reflections on the reasons why Polish psychologists assumed attitudes typical of the period ofStalinism; (3) exemplification of these attitudes in the form of a brief analysis ofpsychological articles published in the paper "Nowa Szkoła" ("Modern School") in the years 1950-1956.

Conclusions. The historical reflection leads to considerations concerning the determinants and consequences of fanatical attitudes in science.

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Prof. Teresa Rzepa, Instytut Socjologii i Psychologii Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, ul. Krakowska 71/79, 71-017 Szczecin