2007 issue 2


Volume 16, issue 2

Case report

Effectiveness of low-dose maintenance therapy in two cases of affective disorders

Magdalena Garbacz1, Robert Pudlo1, Robert Teodor Hese1
1. Katedra i Oddział Kliniczny Psychiatrii w Tarnowskich Górach Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2007; 16 (2): 161-163
Keywords: affective disorders, maintenance therapy, case report


Objective. An analysis is presented of long-term remission and therapy in 2 persons with affective disorders.

Cases. Two patients with affective disorders who remained in long remission on low-dose maintenance therapy are described. Maintenance therapy discontinuation was followed by a relapse within a few months from the treatment termination.

Commentary. In both cases remission could be induced either by the pharmacological effect of medication or by placebo effect.

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Dr Magdalena Garbacz
Oddział Kliniczny Psychiatrii Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej
ul. Pyskowicka 49, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry