2007 issue 3


Volume 16, issue 3

Review article

Sleep disorders in children and adolescents

Małgorzata Urban1
1. Klinika Zaburzeń Afektywnych i Psychiatrii Młodzieży Katedry Psychiatrii Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2007; 16 (3): 257-262
Keywords: sleep, children, adolescents, diagnosis


Objectives. An attempt was made in the paper to present the most common sleep disorders in children and adolescents.
Review. Sleep disorders are often seen not only in general medical practice, but also by pediatricians. The disorders include mild, easily corrected abnormalities related e.g. to inappropriate sleep hygiene, but also conditions that may have severe clinical implications. Careful diagnostic examination and establishing the cause of sleep disorders allow to make right therapeutic decisions.
Conclusions. General practitioners' knowledge about sleep disorders is frequently insufficient to recognize sleep disorders in children and adolescents. In some cases it is necessary to refer the patient to a specialist sleep disorders center.

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