2008 issue 1


Volume 17, issue 1

Case report

Medico-legal context of psychiatrie hospitalization of a Swedish citizen in Poland - a case report

Paweł Kempisty1, Aneta Gerhant1, Janusz Perzyński1, Anna Wójcicka1, Jacek Gajewski1, Agata Morawska1, Madladena Derewianka1
1. Klinika Psychiatrii Akademii Medycznej w Lublinie
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2008; 17 (1): 85-87
Keywords: schizophrenia, law, foreigners, case report


Objectives. Medico-legal difficulties involved in psychiatric care provision to foreigners in our country.
Case report. A case is reported of a Swedish citizen hospitalized in our Department for paranoid schizophrenia. In the light of legal regulations currently in force there was no possibility of transporting the patient to Sweden against his will.
Commentary. There is a need for the development of appropriate regulations concerning psychiatric care provision to foreign residents in Poland.

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