2009 issue 4


Volume 18, issue 4

Special paper

Internet forums - theirpossibilities and limitations as exemplified by the schizophrenia forum

Zbigniew Lisiecki1
1. http://schizofrenia.evot.org
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2009; 18 (4): 319-322
Keywords: schizophrenia, Internet, communication


Internet based on information packaging using the so-called networkprotocols has evolved from a computer science achievement into a social phenomenon over the past decade. As a new form of communicating it creates new milieus in a natural way, releases hidden potentials, liberates forces capable of changing the world. On the example of the forum for persons suffering from schizophrenia (http://schizofrenia.evot.org) the paper describes possibilities of integrating various environments by means of Internet forums.