2010 issue 2


Volume 19, issue 2

Review article

Causes and psychopathological characteristics of suicides attempted and committed by psychiatric inpatients

Sławomir Szubert1, Piotr Wierzbiński1, Małgorzata Szpilewska1, Antoni Florkowski1, Marta Strombek-Milczarek1
1. Klinika Psychiatrii Dorosłych Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2010; 19(2): 151–155
Keywords: suicide, psychiatric hospitalization


Background. The presented review deals with the problem of suicide among the mentally ill. Suicidal behaviors in this group are often an object of interest, but opinions on this subject seem contradictory in many cases.
Views. Suicide attempters' personality traits and symptoms of their mental disorders, especially those meeting the criteria for psychosis, have been investigated most often. Mental illness is commonly regarded as a significant risk factor for suicidal acts. Numerous studies indicate that suicide rates among persons treated for mental disorders are higher than these in the general population.
Conclusions. Due to the importance of this problem further research into the causes and determinants of suicide attempts among psychiatric inpatients is needed to prevent such behaviors more effectively.

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