2013 issue 2


Volume 22, issue 2

Case report

Blepharoptosis in neurological praxis: case report

Marcin Rogoziewicz1, Małgorzata Wiszniewska1
1. Oddział Neurologii, Pododdział Udarowy, Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Stanisława Staszica, Piła
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii 2013; 22(2): 157-161
Keywords: upper lid ptosis, blepharoptosis


Aim. The authors present the pathophysiology, incidence, causes, types and treatment of ptosis and look at the diagnostic possibilities which may be useful in determining the causes of the symptom.
Case. A 76 year old patient with bilateral ptosis who, after diagnostic tests were carried out, was diagnosed with isolated idiopathic ptosis.
Conclusions. The authors want to emphasize the fact that a detailed physical examination, carefully taken medical history and analysis of patients' photographs can be useful in determining the cause of ptosis. The presented characteristic of ptosis may help neurologists with the diagnosis of similar cases of this condition.

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