1998 suplement 1


Volume 7, suplement 1


Postprandial hypotonia in the elderly

1. Kliniki Gastroenterologii Instytutu Chorób Wewnętrznych AM w Poznaniu
Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 1998, 7, suplement 1 (6), 89-92
Keywords: postprandial hypotonia, old age


Subjects in the study were 28 inpatients aged over 60 years treated in the Gastroenterology Department of Internal Diseases Institute, Medical Academy in Poznań, and 104 residents of a nursing home. A detailed subjective examination was carried out to establish clinical symptoms of postprandial hypotonia, concomitant ailments, and received medication, while an objective examination – to determine the patients' BMI. A preliminary diagnosis of postprandial hypotonia was confirmed by additional measurements. Arterial blood pressure was measured typically on the brachial artery 15 minutes prior to a meal and at 15-minute intervals after meal during the following 90 minutes. A decrease of arterial blood pressure by the required 20 mmHg was found usually in the interval of 45 to 90 minutes after meal in 14 patients, i.e. in 50% of the group selected due to a high risk for postprandial hypotonia.

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